Pitt Alumni Association (PAA)

Founded in 1866, the Pitt Alumni Association (PAA) provides opportunities for more than 320,000 alumni worldwide to engage with the University of Pittsburgh and to connect with one another through participation in enriching programs and events that strengthen the Pitt community.

The PAA Board of Directors, alumni leaders, dedicated volunteers, and staff work together to inspire pride in the University, encourage alumni to stay connected to Pitt, and contribute to the University’s ongoing legacy of achievement.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Pitt Alumni Association is to engage alumni and students and to support the advancement of the University of Pittsburgh. The vision for the PAA is to be the gateway for a global network of alumni and students who champion the University and each other.


With respect for each other and our rich traditions, the PAA embraces its core values:

  • Accountability

  • Diversity

  • Excellence

  • Relationships

  • Traditions

In addition to our rich history and the collaborative efforts of the groups within the PAA, we recognize the pivotal role that Young Alumni play in shaping the future of the University of Pittsburgh. Their fresh perspectives, energy, and commitment are invaluable assets that not only contribute to the vibrancy of our alumni community but also ensure the continued success and advancement of Pitt. We encourage and emphasize the importance of Young Alumni participation and giving back to the University, as their active involvement is key to fostering a dynamic and interconnected Pitt community that thrives for generations to come.

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